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What We Do

We build "Old School" motors and always have. These motors have been shipped all over the country to many happy buyers. When Omally builds a motor it is done the right way with care and attention to detail.

Our History

I began building motors in my early years and have been doing it in good old NJ since. I've been long time friends and work alot with the guys at Manx Cycle. Those old boys know there Harleys and Brit bikes. I've done motor work for people all over the country and specialize in classic Harley motors. If you are into old school motors then you've most likely already seen some of my work. Check out some of the builds I've done on the Shop page and check my Feedback from some of my clients. Hope you like what you see.


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Omallys Cycle Shed



This sight was made and is updated by Brent of Mutts CS, since Omally is such a killer ole school dude...