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Here we have all the guys that I work with and do buisness with. Check out thier sights for cool parts, custom bikes and one off fab work. These guys are pro's and you'll know them all. If you don't get out from under your rock man....

Nash Motorcycle Company
Vancover WA

Young Choppers & Hotrods
Marietta GA


Mutts Cycle Shack
Bluffton IN

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UPP! STILL BEING HARRISED BY THE INSURANCE COMPANY, AND STILL HAVE BACK AND NECK PROBLEMS, They just won't go away and it affects my quality of life. They got all kinds  of drugs to help, but don't want to be hooked. so far so good. Thanks for all the emails and followers with my site and me.   Enter content here

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This sight was made and is updated by Brent of Mutts CS, since Omally is such a killer ole school dude...